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In today's digital landscape, data is more readily available and easily gathered than ever before. With the ability to track most customer interactions and transactions, companies are leveraging their data in new and innovative ways.

However, many companies are still overlooking data as a revenue stream and are still trying to replace dwindling revenues in their current vertical. What was once dominated by volume sales is now being replaced by one time transactional sales.

Rather than looking solely to increase transaction volume, organizations should instead focus on leveraging current transaction volume by mining valuable, under-leveraged client data to create new revenue streams.

The challenge for organizations today is to get ahead of this opportunity and capitalize on their ability to monetize big data. In fact, most businesses are not even aware that big data could be their primary reason for existing. The information is there to help your organization compete and operate in new ways—Str8line is here to help you connect the dots.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Real Estate/Mortgage Companies
  • Car Dealers



What We Bring to the Table

Big Data is an easy and tangible way for businesses to generate new sources of revenue while further enhancing business insights and growth.

The Str8line line team will help you think outside the box to leverage your current collected data to realize the greatest potential.

Str8line helps you monetize your data through:

  • Inbound and out bound call center
  • Email drip campaign
  • Client portals setup
  • Direct mail
  • Warm intro campaigns

Str8line can help you understand what drives your customers

Your data will answer questions about:

  • How do your customers behave overall?
  • What is the perceived value in your product?
  • How are your customers leveraging your product?
  • What is the future value of your product?
  • Can existing lines of business be diversified through new data/product offerings?
  • How can you increase client/member retention?

Over the past decade, companies have seen exponential growth in volume, variety and speed of data. It can be overwhelming, but it can also be eye-opening as more companies are becoming aware of the opportunities embedded in their enterprise data.

As the volume and variety of data continues to rise, so do the opportunities to find value in it. Data monetezation alliances are gathering momentum. The conditions for data monetization are ripe. With massive volumes of data accumulating, decreasing costs of storage, all you need is the right unique partnership to leverage this data.


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