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Why Str8line?

Pipeline History: Our track record speaks for itself

  • Our lead-generation system has been successfully in place since 1994
  • Over 1 million phone calls are generated per week
  • In excess of 6000 leads are generated on a daily basis from across the country
  • 350+ employees make up our lead-acquisitions team
  • Smart technology provides qualified leads on daily basis in a cue accessed instantaneously
  • Lead-generation system produced one of the largest and fastest growing insurance agencies in the country
  • Nation’s leading provider of insurance leads and customer acquisitions to the insurance industry

Pipeline Process: Getting them to qualified and interested is the difference

  • We compile demographic and proprietary data analytics on millions of potential targeted prospects
  • We conduct an initial prospecting call out to new as well as existing targeted prospects within this database
  • Call outs are structured to occur at key buying cycles to these targeted prospects.
  • Upon contact prospects are scrubbed to eliminate disinterested and unqualified prospects from this data.
  • Initially qualified prospects are subjected to a 64-point verification questionnaire and process to further scale this data to a qualified interested prospect
  • Upon qualification the prospect is warm-transferred internally through proprietary technology platform to Str8line agent.
  • Those qualified prospects not immediately closed remain in process and are followed up with on set intervals

What sets us apart?

Str8line is a digital insurance agency providing end-to-end solutions for some of the most respected national insurance brands in the country. We are leaders in the development of proprietary platforms that optimize sales funnel conversion, with a specialty in lead management.

We succeed at delivering highly converting leads because:

  • We have over 25 years of experience in generating qualified sales leads.
  • We leverage our deep understanding of internet marketing, technology, traditional direct marketing, call center operations and the insurance industry to support and exceed our clients' sales goals.
  • We are experts in converting big data lists into warm transfer leads.
  • Our approach starts with Lead Verification, which qualifies and frontline underwrites the lead prior to warm transfer.
  • We couple our dialing platform's / lead management platforms that were developed in-house with that of best practices and continually outperform the market to produce a steady stream of qualified prospects.

With our state of the art call centers and insurance agents licensed in all 50 states for property, casualty, life and health, Str8line can undoubtedly provide you with a steady stream of leads that convert. 

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